Below are our school timetables for Bennett Memorial School and The Holmesdale School. To view them, simply click on the download link next to the timetable you wish to view.

We serve West Malling, outside Hicks Estate Agents, for children wanting to travel to Bennett Memorial School. You will need to change from the 4A onto our double decker bus route 4 at East Peckham, (to which all the kids do). This waits and meets up with the other bus. The service is then non-stop to Tunbridge Wells.

From Bennett School in the afternoon, there will be no need to change as the double decker route 4 will serve West Malling.


bennettBennett Memorial School

Route 4 | 4A

via Ditton, Larkfield, Mereworth, East Malling, Kings Hill Avenue and Gibson Drive

(Route 4A is the feeder bus starting from East Malling)



holmesdaleThe Holmesdale School

Route 67

Kings Hill via West Malling and The Malling School



Getting to and from school


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